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Spotify Premium Accounts

Listen music at a glance with Premium Spotify! I know why you want spotify premium. Because it streams higher quality Music!

Windows XP Pro Keys

Yep, I Do give this 'masterpiece' keys for free. Not gonna lie this OS Is still good in 2019!

VMWare Keys (All Versions)

I Generated HUNDREDS (maybe less i guess) Keys for all versions of VMWare In one place, Wew. Took 3 months to do this, Thanks for the support! You do not have to complete thousands of captcha, i did not put thousands millions of shortened links. every key is in that document. Thanks to Appnee too :)

Windows 7 Home Premium Keys

Ugh, Have no product key to activate windows? Windows costs hella Lot!!? No Worries! RobloxExploitz.Net has got ya covered! Feel free to use the keys for your windows!

We do not giveaway items that will make a loss for the company, We give product keys to old softwares which are no longer being sold by the companies, Some keys are from Appnee. Please do not report us


-Jonathan Schdmith

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